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Creating plugin custom links on WordPress plugins page

WordPress shows very limited data about plugin like the author, plugin uri, version etc. on plugins page. But there may be occasions where you would like to show some more links here. Those links may be a

Custom Contact Form 7 Special Mail Tags

Contact Form 7 is the easiest, free and mostly used plugin for creating forms in WordPress. It is also highly customizable. We can send emails in a customized manner or layout. Most of the times we use

How to add sortable custom column on users listing screen in WordPress

WordPress users listing screen shows very limited data. So how about showing some more information like user id for each other. There may be even some more useful info that you would like to show like any

How to show gender based custom avatar in wordpress comments

In wordpress, there is no in-built functionality for assigning gender to users. Also there is no such functionality on the comment form. So we need to add custom code to achieve this functionality as per the steps

Show newly added posts since last user login time/date in WordPress

Getting the posts after a specific login time can be done in 2 steps. You need to store the last login time of the user. Changing the query to pull the posts which are modified after the

BuddyPress Members Import

Features: – WordPress members can import. – WordPress users extra fields can be mapped with the account. – BuddyPress members can import. – BuddyPress members extra fields(xprofile) can be mapped with the account – Existing users account

Adding login-logout link to wordpress menu

WordPress provides a highly flexible menu system. Its very easy to create menu items and assign it to a menu and lastly assign the menu to a theme location. You can have different types of menu items

Sorting posts by meta key and value

Posts related additional data are stored in a meta table called postmeta. Sometimes these meta data become very vital from your functionality point of view. Lets say we store the like counts of posts in terms of

Can’t move widgets in wordpress

There may be occasions when you cannot drag-and-drop the widgets on your admin widgets dashboard. There are different factors which cause this problem and you can check with the following solutions. – Switch to the default theme

How to get last login time in wordpress

WordPress stores only the registration date for users. So what if your system needs to know the last login date for a user. Well there is no in-built functionality available to get this. But we can use