The main strength of any wordpress website lies in its contents. These contents can be created by mostly using posts. But its quite possible that the content may be huge and then the problem arises. As a normal user, everyone hates to use scrollbar to see the content. Don’t you? In fact as a user, I was not happy with my post size. So I found out a work around for this problem. You can check this link on my site having pagination.

But never worry :). I have a solution to your problem. WordPress provides the option to break a single post into multiple pages so that user will hardly have to scroll a lot. In stead it creates page links depending upon the number of page breaks you have added in the post. Put the below code wherever you want to add the page break.


When wordpress encounters this, it will treat that you are trying move the rest of the post content to the next page. So it will add the necessary page links replacing the above code.

If your theme does not support post pagination, then you will have to manually add some code in the single.php of your theme. Open single.php in any text editor and add the following code generally after the content ends.

<div id="page-links">
<?php wp_link_pages('pagelink= %'); ?>

This code will internally add the available page links. You can also modify the above function to pass additional parameters as below

wp_link_pages('before=<div id="page-links">&after=</div>&pagelink=%');

Here I’m using “id” attribute for “div” tag for adding some style to the page links. That’s it. Now you will find the pagination links at the bottom of your post content. 🙂

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