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BuddyPress Members Import

Features: – WordPress members can import. – WordPress users extra fields can be mapped with the account. – BuddyPress members can import. – BuddyPress members extra fields(xprofile) can be mapped with the account – Existing users account

Adding login-logout link to wordpress menu

WordPress provides a highly flexible menu system. Its very easy to create menu items and assign it to a menu and lastly assign the menu to a theme location. You can have different types of menu items

Sorting posts by meta key and value

Posts related additional data are stored in a meta table called postmeta. Sometimes these meta data become very vital from your functionality point of view. Lets say we store the like counts of posts in terms of

Can’t move widgets in wordpress

There may be occasions when you cannot drag-and-drop the widgets on your admin widgets dashboard. There are different factors which cause this problem and you can check with the following solutions. – Switch to the default theme

How to get last login time in wordpress

WordPress stores only the registration date for users. So what if your system needs to know the last login date for a user. Well there is no in-built functionality available to get this. But we can use

Adding banner to wordpress plugin

Developing a plugin for wordpress is really an awesome feeling. After you submit this to wordpress, it will be available on the plugins section and your plugin will be used worldwide. But the way this shows up

WTI Contact Back Plugin

Description WTI Contact Back is a plugin for sending website admin an email letting him know that he needs to contact you back. Installation Procedure Download the plugin and extract it. Upload the directory ‘/wti-contact-back/’ to the

Removing wordpress generator meta tag

Sometimes it comes into mind that nobody should know whats the CMS that is used for my site. But CMSs do not take care of our feeling. What they actually do is they leave a generator meta

How to create pagination in wordpress post

The main strength of any wordpress website lies in its contents. These contents can be created by mostly using posts. But its quite possible that the content may be huge and then the problem arises. As a

WTI Like Post Plugin

Description WTI Like Post is a plugin for adding like (thumbs up) and unlike (thumbs down) functionality for wordpress posts/pages. On admin end along with configuration settings, it will show maximum of 10 most liked posts/pages. You